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Real-Estate Market

On the whole, the situation on the real-estate market in the Śląskie Voivodeship is no different from the other parts of Poland.

The typical purchase prices for flats in Katowice on the primary market they range from 1,500 PLN/sq. m. to 2,700 PLN/sq. m., depending on a district. On the secondary market, the prices remain precisely dependent on the standard and range from 1,200 PLN/sq. m. to even 2,700 PLN/sq. m.

The purchase prices for detached houses depend mainly on their location and standard.

The price for 1 sq. m. ranges from 1,200 PLN to 5,000 PLN.The purchase price for land plots in the city per 1 sq. m. ranges from 45 PLN to 150 PLN.

The region offers the real-estates to investors that are suitable for running business activity. The office buildings and convertible usability premises are located not only in the Upper-Silesian Agglomeration towns, but also in other parts of the Voivodeship.

The rental prices for office space are distinctly diversified and their level predominantly dependent on the location and standard - from 20 to 100 PLN per sq. m.

In case of renting shop space, the prices are dependent on the town size and location. For example, the prices in Katowice range from 30 to 140 PLN per sq. m.

When analysing the current situation on the real-estate market in the Śląskie Voivodeship, one may notice that the logistic centres have been established here, meeting the standards binding in the European Union. Due to the tremendous demand from the companies for the space in the logistic centres as well as owing to the relatively low purchase prices for land assigned for this purpose, currently, this segment appears to be worth considering by the potential investors.