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Foreign Investment

Foreign Investment Projects

At the end of 2009, experts from the Institute for Market Economics prepared a report from the series "Investment Attractiveness of Polish Voivodeships and Sub-regions." It contains a synthetic analysis of voivodeships and their sub-regions taking into consideration three major categories, i.e. industrial sector, service sector and technologically-advanced sector. The results, the fifth time in row, confirmed that the Silesian Voivodeship is a region of the highest investment attractiveness. 

As for industry sector, the central Silesian sub-region occupies the leading position in the country. In terms of service sector and technologically-advanced sector, it is on the third and seventh position, respectively. Deciding factors in achieving such results were, among other things, the largest work resources of highest quality, excellent access to transport, very well developed economic infrastructure and a high level of economy development.

Katowice Special Economic Zone

Katowice Special Economic Zone (Katowicka Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna S.A., KSSE) was established to support and accelerate the restructuring processes and create new jobs in Silesia. Its basic task is to promote the Silesian Voivodeship as an investor-friendly region. The zone is managed by Katowice Special Economic Zone, Joint Stock Company, with the seat in Katowice.

Katowice Special Economic Zone is a scattered zone, comprising of four sub-zones:

  • Gliwice zone,
  • Jastrzębie- Żory zone,
  • Sosnowiec-Dąbrowa zone,
  • Tychy zone.

In 2010 there has been 14 years since the establishment of Katowice Special Economic Zone S.A.

Initially, Katowice SSE encompassed an area of 826 ha in 17 locations situated in 8 Silesian communes, and now it covers 1917 ha in 40 different areas in 21 communes.

So far, 280 economic entities have been brought to the zone areas, 100 of which already started their activity, and the other ones are in different phases of implementation of their projects. The companies in total have already invested EUR 4 billion, employing around 37,000 people. Because of cooperation needs, as a result of synergy, at least the same number of jobs are being created in the surrounding areas as within the zone.

The largest investment within KSSE is OPEL factory owned by General Motors in Gliwice, which created jobs for 3,000 people. Other significant investments in KSSE belong to: the Japanese Motors, which in its factory in Tychy manufactures diesel engines, employing more than 700 people, Delphi Automotive System - production of components for the motor industry, or the Spanish company Roca - production of sanitary ceramics in a factory in Gliwice. The American company Guardian operates float glass production Częstochowa. Powertrain Polska allocated nearly EUR 400 million for the investment in Bielsko-Biała connected with the production of the cutting-edge engine 1.3 SDE Fiat - GM. Implementation of the project will create jobs for over 1,400 people. Japanese company, NGK Ceramics, which employs nearly 1,600 people, manufactures modern ceramic exhaust filters for diesel engines.

The sector of AGD producers and business partners is gaining more representation, with leading investment of the Electrolux company in Siewierz.

Taking into account economic trends and legal considerations, the zone is targeted at projects by BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) service centres, creating research and development centres and the so called "big investments." Investors appreciate Silesia's potential, made up, among other things, of the motorway network, which is now being restructured and expanded, making the region stand out on the transport map of Poland. Thanks to it, also logistic enterprises have excellent conditions for locating their investments in the area of KSSE.